Streamline Your Blog and Manage Your Content More Effectively for Increased Traffic and Conversions

Streamline Your Blog and Manage Your Content More Effectively for Increased Traffic and Conversions


When people read a post, they’re probably unaware that blogging is a process. And that’s a good thing! It’s confidence-inspiring when everything looks effortlessly put together. But how are you doing behind the scenes? Here are a few tips for making things easier on yourself by streamlining your blog process.

1. Delegate.

Is it time to outsource? Maybe you built this baby on your own, and you’re really proud, but you’re experiencing growing pains. It may be time to admit that things would be moving more smoothly if you were ordering some content from other writers.

If not, there are other areas in which you can lighten your load. Having a dedicated team specifically for social media marketing can maximize your efforts, while keeping the focus on your ideas and vision.

Perhaps you really are a one person show after all, though. In that case, you absolutely need social media management tools to help you save on time and effort.

2. Schedule.

Since time immemorial, there have been deadlines to adhere to. Having a countdown to publishing posts shouldn’t be any different. You can use software, bullet journaling, or a plain old desk calendar to lay out each stage of completion as your deadline arrives.

This way, no day is overwhelming. It’s just another step or two closer to launch time. And this is imperative if you’re working with a team. A team-friendly app can allow your staff to tick items off the list as they’re complete, and keep everyone up to speed simultaneously.

Scheduling also grants you time and perspective to take advantage of this next tip.

3. Edit, edit, edit.

As you peruse your schedule for what’s upcoming, does anything leap out at you? Could you narrow your sources down to a smaller, higher-quality group? If you’re ordering content from someone else, perhaps now you can see a valid point that warrants added instruction.

And there’s also the actual editing of content. If you’re writing solo, it’s a great idea to hire someone to have a look at it a few days prior to publishing. They can catch any errors you missed, and make suggestions concerning areas of improvement. This will ultimately make what goes up even better, and doesn’t involve compromising your voice. Remember that editing is also necessary for social media posts, not just longer pieces that are published on your website.

4. Make notes, always.

This one’s really simple. You’ll never know what works best if you don’t keep track of the results. Find out which method led to the most effective, stress-free week of blogging you’ve experienced.

Continue using and fine-tuning this model as you go forward. Pretty soon, you’ll have a hard and fast formula for turning out great content on the regular. Not to mention, it’ll make your expectations crystal clear if you’re working with a team.

If you want more traffic, be consistent and elegant in your postings. That begins with your process, so get organized, free up attention you can use on detail, and pretty soon, the work will seem to do itself.