How to Ensure That Your Business’s Blog Is Original

How to Ensure That Your Business’s Blog Is Original


Blogs can be an incredibly fun way to get content onto your website, but it isn’t always fun and games. Instead, many businesses develop a blog with the intentions of boosting SEO value. With blogs that consist of original content and have a relevant and appropriate back link profile, many businesses can find their website swiftly climbing up the search engine rankings. But, this can only be achieved if the blog is of a high quality and is completely relevant to the reader. Plus, any copied material will be penalised, so it can often be worthwhile to invest in a plagiarism checker to ensure all content is unique. Asides that though, there are many different ways to ensure your business’ blog is completely original.

Write from the Heart

This sounds like quite a cringe-worthy point initially, but it can deeply help your blog to become original. Granted, not all blog topics can be written from the heart, especially when there are statistics heavy topics meant for news as opposed to entertainment, but when you have your own personal experiences that relate to a blog topic, incorporate them into your content! This will ensure that your blog content is completely original, as no other blogger on the web will have the same experiences as you. Therefore, you’re almost guaranteed uniqueness whilst eliminating any risks of mundane repetition.

Research Your Competitors

To ensure your blog is the best on the Internet, you will need to research your competitors and recognise what approach they are taking on their blog. By familiarising yourself with their content and methods, you can then take a step further in organising your content and ensuring that it’s unique whilst still being relevant to the industry that your business is in. If you’re truly stuck for blogs, by taking on this approach you can also gain some new ideas for blog topics, allowing you to adapt them by switching up the topic and making the points stated relevant to your clients. Having said that, you should aim for all of your content to be completely original, as this will be more beneficial for your search engine rankings.

Always Plan Ahead

This can sometimes be difficult to achieve, especially if you’re suffering with a lack of blog ideas, but planning ahead can ensure that you have unique content scheduled ready for writing, editing and publication. Ultimately, the main goal here is to prevent you from stealing ideas from elsewhere on the Internet, which can take the uniqueness away from your business’ blog. In addition to this, scheduling future blog topics will also allow you to have something in the mix in the case of an emergency, which usually leaves people in a panic and desperate for blog ideas, which can result in an unoriginal post. For the best quality relevant blog posts, this step is crucial to pay attention to.

Create a Blogging Spreadsheet

Staying organised is a vital step that needs to be taken to ensure that your business’ content is original. A great way to do this is to compile a spreadsheet full of previous blogs, one’s that are currently in writing, and those that you’ve got planned for future publication. This is a great way to ensure all content on your blog is unique, as you’re able to identify previous posts and prevent yourself from repeating any topics that have been covered before. In addition, you can include all stats for your blogs in this spreadsheet, helping you to keep track of your posts and which ones have reached the primary audience the most, helping you to optimise any future posts.

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